“Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw Him, they worshiped him; but some doubted” (Matt 28:16, 17)
Doubt is a type of faith. It is very difficult to describe, detect, or imagine. It is much easier to identify the sin of lust or lying, for example, than to isolate doubt from our mind. Doubt is wavering faith, unstable faith, damaged and unacceptable faith. Doubt is an evil religious spirit. It spreads like a plague. It is much more difficult to produce faith in your listeners. You have to preach the Word of God, the Gospel of Christ Crucified. This ministry has to be done patiently against all odds. Faith comes by the hearing of the preached Word of God. Doubt is like an infection. It is much easier to damage the faith than to produce or increase it. Doubters hate believers and attack their faith. Be careful who you call ‘friend!’
Doubt is wavering faith. To waver means to go to and fro between two opinions, two choices, two loves or two directions. Doubters have an ‘on and off’ type of faith. For example, they believe on Monday, but doubt on Tuesday, then back to believing on Wednesday, and so on. The sin of doubt affects especially three areas of God’s blessings:
• God’s power (especially the supernatural power to experience miracles)
• God’s provision (especially to trust God for abundance)
• God’s promises (especially to trust God for ‘impossible’ things)
Doubters are like the waves of the sea. They move on and off, day and night, without rest. All their movement is in vain for they do not expand the boundaries of the sea. Doubt makes you worried and overactive emotionally but there is no clear progress spiritually or in the natural. Doubters are ‘unstable’ in all their ways. The word ‘unstable’ means to be reckless (they seem bold and take unnecessary risks, but later back off as cowards). It also means to be confused, restless, and unsettled.
Marriages can be affected by doubt. The husband and wife may agree to do something but the next day one of them will change his mind. The unity of the Spirit cannot be established in a marriage where doubt has access. The worst thing that can be said about a doubter is that God refuses to answer his prayers. It does not matter that his needs are great or urgent. Doubt disqualifies him to have communion with God and his prayers do not pass the ceiling. We must repent of the sin of doubt and confess: ‘I believe in God!’
In Christ I declare:
I believe 100 percent and doubt for me is 0 percent! I trust God’s power! My miracle is coming soon! I trust God’s provision! I am blessed with more than enough! I trust God’s promises! They are all yes and amen!
In Jesus’ name,

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