“My child, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands; your walls are ever before Me” (Is 49:15, 16)
This evening, during the first prayer meeting in 2019, we entered God’s courts with thanksgiving. So many people lie down on their sick beds. Many have died last year. But we are alive. It is not by mistake. We give thanks for the gift of life! “Praise the Lord Oh, my soul, and all that is within me praise His Holy Name!” I was born to worship God! I do not boast of beauty, riches of education. I shamelessly boast that I know the only Living God. He is my God. I know His Word, His Spirit, His goodness, His touch! Worship the Lord! He is the Helper of the helpless! You are alive to praise God. You are alive because God has not finished with you. His grace-work goes on, until perfection comes, until testimony is visible. God has not finished with you! Therefore, do not ‘finish’ with yourself. Do not give yourself ‘deadlines’. You belong to Jesus! He died to pay your debt, your ‘bride price’ for your wedding in heaven. God knows you. Not just you lost in the crowd, but you alone. God knows you in particular. He knows your name, your address, your prayers and your tears. God’s plans for you are good, not evil, to give you a future and a hope.
God wrote your name on the palms of His hands. God said that even if a mother forgets the baby at her breast, He will never forget you. As He sits on His throne in heaven, God remembers you, for good. In between the angels’ songs, in between holy thunders of heaven, God remembers you. If your friend, neighbor or family member forgets you, God remembers you. And that is all that matters. Worship the Lord who alone changes hearts and circumstances. Worship the Lord who has granted you a new beginning. Forget not His benefits! The past does not define you! Let the past rest behind. Worship the Lord who never sleeps nor slumbers! Singing: How great is your God? From East to West, no other god, from North to South, I say, there is no other god! Almighty God, hallowed be Your name, Your dominion is forever more! Hallelujah!
sll and toju

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