“For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2Cor 5:7)
No natural man knows how to walk by faith in God. The miracle of salvation has to happen before you can experience spiritual progress. You need to be born again and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. After that, you need to exercise your spirit’s ‘legs’ and learn to walk with your eyes ‘closed’. It is not easy. But it is wonderful! Today I challenge you to daily walk by faith!
Faith in God is very powerful. Faith is the ‘evidence of things not seen’ (Heb 11:1). Like a seed planted in the ground, faith works in the spiritual (invisible) realm. With time, it produces miracles and visible fruits. Once it becomes visible it is no longer faith. It is called sight. Faith is deeper than sight. You use faith to produce sight. You do not use sight to produce faith. In a way, faith and sight are ‘enemies’. Sight represents the natural senses. Faith is a spiritual ‘sense’. Each natural sense has its own function. For example, perfume pleases the sense of smell but it is useless to the ears. In the same way, faith pleases the spirit within you. Faith desires the supernatural and produces miracles.
Do not be satisfied with a little faith. Pray for a mature faith. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and pray, even before you see the miracle with your eyes. Walk by faith! Make progress in life by trusting God to help you! But if you insist on seeing things, your sight will increase in power and your faith will become weaker. For example, if you pray to get pregnant, and each day you do ‘pregnancy test’, your faith will become weaker. If you are sick and every day you spend money for ‘blood tests’, whatever is the result of the tests, good or bad, your faith will not be able to mature. You need to trust the promises of God more than what men say or say not.
Sight is superficial and lustful. It is also called ‘the lust of the eyes’. Like cocaine, lust is an addictive, unfulfilled and unsatisfying desire. The more you see the less you are satisfied with your sight. After some time, you get bored with what your eyes see. “The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing” (Ecc 1:8). It is the same thing with the other natural senses. For example: that ice cream you loved to eat as a child will not be as sweet when you taste it much later in life. Men pay a lot of money to have ‘designer’ eye glasses. They want to see better, even the little letters on the pages. But it is much more beneficial to desire an increase of faith, to see spiritually, to see the invisible things hidden below the surface of the natural, but connected with them.
Faith comes by reading and hearing the word of God. My advice is that you read other books less and read the Bible more. Listen less to the daily news on TV. Go to a living church and listen to the preaching of the Word of God. Invest in your spiritual senses! Develop them! ‘He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches’! By faith, let the weak say: ‘I am strong!’ and strength shall be supplied! By faith, let the sick say: ‘I am well!’ and God will heal you! By faith, let the barren say: ‘I am pregnant!’ and you shall have children! By faith, let the poor say: ‘I am rich!’ and money from heaven shall come to you! Confess your miracle and God will work with and confirm your words of faith. Remember that faith pleases God and nothing is impossible for Him! Your testimony is sure!
May your spirit’s eyes be opened to see King Jesus in His beauty and glory! May your ears hear a word directing your path ahead! May your faith in God be fruitful! In Jesus’ name, amen! Glory!

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