This is my book. It is a daily prophetic journal. This book is like a puzzle. The daily readings look like scattered pieces, some long and some short. It may seem that there is no particular ‘connection’ between them. You may not see ‘the picture’ initially, but patiently arrange the pieces together. Like a necklace made of pearls, the only string holding them is the Holy Spirit. See these pages as daily food for your spirit and medicine for your body and soul. These are also weapons of righteousness, strong enough to defeat the powers of darkness affecting your environment. Each day has ‘a prophetic’ declaration, reminding us of the treasures we have as believers in Christ. We tend to forget the power of truth spoken aloud. Just to be reminded that ‘I am a child of God!’ is enough to stir my soul each day. This ‘spirit of faith’ is the engine and the power ‘to produce’ miracles.

You can buy it from or from our church’ bookshop! Read and be blessed! Thank you for buying it!
Love in Christ alone,
Lia Leigh (Malia)

Doe of the morning

2 comments on “THE DOE OF THE MORNING 

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Praise God you are sharing what He has given you!
    I pray many will read The Doe Of The Morning..

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