“Envy and jealousy will kill a stupid fool… Don’t die before your time by being too wicked or acting like a fool…” (Job 5:2; Ecc 7:17)
This is an African story I heard some time ago. Once upon a time there was a vulture that always envied his neighbor, the great eagle. Daily he looked up on the sky and saw the eagle soar effortlessly, higher than any other bird. The vulture tried to catch the wind that lifted up the eagle. But the same current of air injured him and brought him down. Even their feathers were so different…The eagle looked like a king and he looked like a beggar, or so the vulture thought…Envy was slowly killing the vulture but he was ignorant of it.
One day, the vulture reached his breaking point. Unhappy, angry and jealous the vulture went to ‘a native doctor’ to make ‘a medicine’ to kill the eagle. The man said that it is possible to kill the eagle but he needs some of the vulture’s own feathers to prepare the poison. The vulture agreed and with his own beak he plucked some of his feathers. But the ‘medicine’ did not work and the native doctor said he needed some more feathers to make a stronger potion. This went on and on… The vulture agreed and each time he left the shrine he had fewer feathers on his body.
Little by little, he became ‘naked’ and powerless. Without feathers, he lost his ability to fly. One day, the eagle spotted a bird on the ground that looked like a turkey ready to be roasted. He quickly went down and carried the poor vulture to eat it for dinner. This is the sad story of a vulture that was foolishly envious of the great eagle.
What are the lessons? We are all born sinners. Envy is one of the works of the flesh. Envy is a wicked thing; it means to desire what is not your own; to covet what is forbidden; to hate the success and blessings of others. Envy is resident in our flesh from birth. Envy kills its owner, it is suicidal. The child of envy is ungratefulness. An envious man is wicked and foolish, not thankful for the portion and destiny God has given to him. He always wants another’s gifts and blessings!
Sinner, give your life to Christ! Come to the Cross of Christ for deliverance! Jesus died for your sins! Jesus is the only Savior given to men of earth! If envy and bitterness is already a stronghold, an addictive way of thinking, then you need deliverance from the demon who is now controlling you. But for you to be delivered, you need to be willing! Nobody can deliver you ‘by force’. Humble yourself! Have faith in the Word of God! Ask your pastor for help! Envy has to be acknowledged as sin, repented of and replaced with peace, contentment and thanks to God. If not, it will be a slow bitter poison to you, destroying any chance for you to have a happy life! But if you insist in your foolish stubbornness, I tremble for you.
Oh…that we may desire to be grateful to God who freely, generously and graciously has blessed us with so many blessings in Christ Jesus!
In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
I am grateful for salvation, for every blessings and gifts given to me by God!
I do not compare myself with others! I am not a foolish busybody!
I thank God for the blessings given to others!
God is my portion and inheritance in the land of the living!
I am truly satisfied! May the name of Jesus be glorified in my life!
In Jesus name, Amen!
(In the picture, two African vultures on the roof)
African vultures

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