“Do not neglect the gift that is in you!” (1Tim 4:14)
The Stradivarius Society of Chicago performs an important role in the music world. The society entrusts expensive violins into the hands of world-class violin players who could never afford them on their own. Stradivarius violins produce an incomparably rich sound and sell for millions of dollars and are highly sought after by investors. These violins were made by the Italian Antonius Stradivarius and his family, during the 17th and 18th centuries. Since then, nobody could make violins with a better sound. His secret of making violins cannot be explained till today. With all the present technology no one has made a violin who sounds better than a Stradivarius. The price for one is more than $15 million U.S. dollars.
“But great violins are not like works of art”, writes music critic John von Rhein. “They were never meant to be hung on a wall or locked up under glass. Any instrument will lose its tone if it isn’t played regularly; conversely, an instrument gains its value the more it us used.” And so it is that those who own the world’s greatest violins are looking for first-rate violin players to use them. The Stradivarius Society brings them together, making sure the instruments are preserved and cared for. One further requirement made by these investors is that the musician will give the owner at least two command performances a year.
Like the Stradivarius Society, God entrusts exquisite “violins” into the care of others. The Holy Spirit gives us spiritual gifts of great value, which remain His property. He wants them to be used. They’re doing no good if they’re hanging on a wall somewhere. God delights to hear beautiful music coming from them. He wants us to play for him. Are you using the gifts He’s given you to use?


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