“A wide door for effective ministry has opened for me” (1Cor 16:9). Next week, we are going to Lekki, Lagos for an evangelistic outreach. It is the biggest program since we’ve started the church (20 years ago). This is a missionary journey. There are more than 600 people going, from Warri to Lagos. These are adults and children, all members of our church. In the natural, this could be scary. The roads are not very good. We are talking about hosting and feeding all these people. We trust God for the provision and protection. Many of them, have never been to Lagos before. For them it is a holy adventure. Please, rejoice with us!
Since our senior pastor (Pastor Richmond Leigh) has made the announcement that we shall go to Lagos for a crusade, it is only joy and grace I see. The Holy Spirit does not allow us to feel any form of fear about the journey. This peace is supernatural! Some years ago I could not have believed that we can do this. Now, it looks so easy. I have talked to many people about it. They all feel strong, happy, confident and grateful for the opportunity to serve God in a special way. There is no backsliding spirit talking. As a church, we have fasted, prayed and prophesied the Word of God over this journey. We trust the leading of the Holy Spirit for a safe and successful crusade. This is the truth: I have never witnessed so much favor upon the willing volunteers who are ready to go from here, or the brethren in Lagos who are helping from there. For example, the children are able to go because in their respective schools, their teachers agreed that they should do their tests privately, before the date. People who work in their different offices have asked for 5 days leave and it was granted. For the past two months the brethren have prepared everything, ready to go. They have re-painted the stage, fixed every screw, counted every plank. The lights are lighting and the loudspeakers are working. Like we say in Nigeria: “No Coma!” The costumes for the Nativity Drama have a new shine on them. I have never seen so much zeal, energy, desire to help, push to pray, generosity with finances and unity of the Spirit. I fear God! As a pastor, this experience is very fulfilling. It is good for me to witness (again) what God can do with a handful of ‘ordinary’ believers but all empowered by the Holy Spirit. I fear God! I worship God!
Because of what I see now, because of the testimony of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, I know in advance that the program will be successful. I know that it is approved by heaven and well received by men on earth. Our success is guaranteed! I am not boasting of my strength. I am boasting on behalf of the God we serve! Jesus Christ is Lord! Once Jesus opens a door, no man or devil can shut it. I confirm that a wide door of faith and effective ministry has been opened to Father’s House Bible Church. There is no room for failure. There is no space for regrets. The name of Jesus will be lifted high in Lekki-Lagos! Many souls shall enter the Kingdom! It is too late for the devil to stop it! It is good to wait for God’s time! This is the time of favor! God bless all who are participating, contributed in any way at all and have prayed for us! Your reward is great in heaven! God bless you all!

FH 6


  1. Mary Ann says:

    Praise God!
    It is wonderful news that God has opened a door for evangelism.

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