“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” (Zech 4:10)
Our church is doing an evangelistic outreach in Lekki, Lagos. More than 600 adults and children made this ‘exodus’ journey, from Warri to Lagos. We shall do the Nativity drama; we shall praise and worship God, and we shall preach the Gospel of grace. We pray that many souls will be saved! This afternoon we arrived at the proposed location. We have fasted and prayed for weeks for the success of this missionary journey. For us, success means that the presence of the Holy Spirit will surround and cover the area. The Holy Spirit will be free to move in our midst, to work in men’s hearts, both to will and to do God’s pleasure. We are not here to entertain anybody. We are not here to raise any ‘offerings’ We are here to glorify and to lift the name of Jesus! He will then draw all men’s hearts after Himself. If God is happy, then we are happy. God must be first, always! We shall follow! What a journey! What a privilege!
We drove to the place where the miracle will happen. For me, this is the first time that I see this area. Jakande Market is a large ‘beach type’ area of white sand. It is surrounded by many improvised ‘buildings’, half-finished wooden structures, bent by the wind, covered with faded plastic sheets. There are many young people just walking about, with no sense of purpose. I saw many skinny stray dogs fighting with one another for a little food, trying to survive. There are many ‘mama-put’ ‘’eateries serving food to the people. As we arrived, some young men came running, ready to make trouble. In Warri we call them ‘area-boys’. They were shouting that nobody can do any crusade here without their permission. We understood their language. Warri has thought us well. Thank God for Warri. They wanted to be ‘settled’. No wahala! We ‘settled’ them. They suddenly changed, became happy, forgot their shouting. From angry looking boys they offered to become helpers to do the work of God. Praise the Lord!
To me, the people living here look like refugees. They have need of even the basic necessities of life. I feel their frustration… Poverty is never beautiful. It is rough and it is painful to look at. But there is no doubt in my mind, that what these people need is the grace found in the Gospel of Christ. They need salvation, freedom from the bondage of sin, eternal life and joy freely given. Only the Holy Spirit can change this desolate place into a garden of beauty and hope. With the eyes of the Spirit I see the garden… what this place can become… We are not politicians. We are not businesspeople, comedians or entertainers. We are ambassadors of Christ, carrying in our hearts the fragrance of His presence. This evening, the trucks with our equipment shall arrive here. Throughout the night, the brethren shall raise the stage, assemble the lights and connect the loudspeakers. There is much physical work to be done. By Tuesday evening the program shall begin. Glory to God!
Right now, I am in a hotel close by. I cannot help them carry stuff, but I can pray, and I can ask for prayers. That is my work. I see this dry place with the eyes of Jesus. God calls the things that are not as though they are. I find myself calling salvation, healing and miracles upon this people! Grace upon grace! I took some pictures of the area where our crusade shall be. It shows white sand like a desert without an oasis. I almost saw the dry dead bones of Ezekiel scattered all over the place. I hear God asking me: ‘Daughter of Man, will these bones live?’ I find myself responding, ‘I do not know Lord, only You can make them live!’ I find myself desperate for the power of the Holy Ghost. I bend low, praying for the rivers of living waters, to flow in this dry place. I desire grace for this people. I declare grace upon the hopeless! “May the Lamb seated upon the throne extend HIs helping hand… Power from on High… Father God, help…” Finally, I want to say that I appreciate your prayers, that we may please God in all we do. We know that “it is not by might, it is not by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts!” Have Your way, Lord! Have Your way!

Lekki, Jakande 1

Lekki, Jakande 2

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