Our older daughter Alina Yemi, surprised us. She came to visit us, just because she was missing her parents and her childhood home. She could only ‘squeeze’ two days. But how happy these two days have been! We took some pictures at the parking lot. What does a mother tell her fortysomething years ‘young’ daughter? I was just telling her how much I appreciate her heart, kindness, generosity, strength and humility. As I was telling her these words of love, the photographer took the picture. This was a moment in time… Alina wanted to look tough and ‘fashionable’ (and patriotic… see the Nigerian flag on her chest) in the picture, but I know that her heart melted looking at her mother’s eyes and hearing words no stranger can ever say.
Let me say it again: “Dear Alina, I am your mother! You are a child of covenant! No matter how far you travel, how much money you make, how low you fall or how high you rise in this life, our love to you is unconditional! Be who God destined you to be! Your dad and I love you very much and bless you with the blessings of Christ! God bless your beautiful children too! From Warri, with love…”

Alina and I

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