“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven!” (Mt 5:16)

One of the most unrecognized powers you possess is that of influence. How do we define ‘influence’? Simply said, influence is the effect of a person upon another. It is the power to have an important effect on someone or something. You can influence people, their thinking and behavior, without any direct or apparent effort. You can influence the course of events, by changing them in an indirect but important way. This power to influence is based on prestige, wealth, ability or social position.

Jesus says to the child of God: ‘you are the light of the world’ (Mt 5:14)! Spiritually speaking, as your light shines in this world, the darkness has no other option than to disappear! Ignorance, foolishness, doubt, fears, all these manifestations of spiritual darkness become less powerful in the lives of the people you encounter!

When we think about influential leaders, some may assume that only certain powerful people have the ability to influence others. My belief is that we all exert some sort of influence over each other. Is there some practice in your life that you can trace to something that someone else said or did? Do you remember your teacher in the primary school, who encouraged you to ‘make it’ in life? Or that your friend who saw your potential and directed you to the profession you practice now? Thank God for these people who on the journey of life, influenced you for better!

Influence can be good or bad. God can use anybody to influence you for good. But He uses His servants in a particular way. The devil uses people to influence people for bad. The ‘false prophets’ speak negative but attractive words, injecting anxiety, doubt, foolish and reckless behavior!

You have heard it said that ‘no man is an island’. We all influence others, for good or for bad. Parents influence their children, thru their words and actions. Pastors influence their congregations thru their preaching. Dear Friend, what kind of influence do you have on others? Be honest, is it good or bad? If it is bad, or if it seems to be a limited influence for good, why not determine to walk more closely with God and increase your influence? Why not ask the Holy Spirit, right now, to help you in that direction? Be filled with the Holy Spirit and God will use you mightily to change your generation! In Jesus’ name!

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