On Christmas day, a dear sister in Christ brought us a wonderful gift. She called it ‘a small Christmas hamper’. My husband and I were very surprised! We have never seen such a mighty ‘Christmas hamper’. It is a furniture type of a box. Very nice! It was filled with ‘oyinbo’ goodies. This sister (let’s call her ‘Onome’) is hard working, humble, faithful and beautiful inside out. She is in her late thirties. She started attending our church this year, I talked to her some months ago. I asked her what does she want God to do for her? She told me that she has two main desires she is praying about: That she should grow spiritually and that she should get married. (She said it is in that order). Please pray for her! That God will grant the desires of her heart! That she will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that in 2020 she will marry happily! For nothing is impossible with God! Praise the Lord!
(I use ‘Onome’ as a point of contact for all the sisters who pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that they should marry in 2020. Do not trust in your beauty or in your power! Just trust God! He will do it! May the testimonies multiply! In Jesus’ name!)
(In the pictures, you see our ‘small Christmas hamper’)


Christmas box 1

Christmas box 2

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