Some people asked me what to do in times like these. First of all, trust God! Look unto Jesus! He is your Helper in times of need! That is the KEY! Read your Bible daily and pray! Worship God (play worship music on your phone or radio). Stay calm and be joyful! Be wise! Encourage others! Listen to your pastors. Obey their counsel! Fear not! This plague has come TO PASS! Have hope! The future is better than the present!

These are some medical and common sense guidelines: Wash your hands with (Dettol) soap and water as often as possible. Keep a little container with bleach by your sink. Dip your hands there often. Bleach kills this C-virus instantly. Do not shake hands with others and do not hug. Avoid going close to people (2 meters in between). Do not visit people and do not allow others to visit you inside your house. If anybody comes to visit you (friends or relatives) go and meet the person outside where there is fresh air blowing. Talk as little as possible. The rest of the discussion is on the phone. Tell them that for now, they cannot come inside your house. That is your doctor’s advice. (Call my name if you need to. I am a medical Doctor: Dr (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh). Safety first! Do not spend money for non-essential things. For now, buy only food, medicine and credit for your phone. Live a simple life! Humble yourself! You will discover the blessings of a simpler life! If you buy stuff thru the internet, or somebody brings things to you, leave these gifts outside the door for at least one hour. The virus will die outside. Use bleach on your door handles and on anything like plastic, metal etc. You can also use the hot air from a hair dryer on any material or fabrics you buy and where you cannot use bleach.

Keep this in mind: This C-virus is very sensitive to heat. Do not complain about the heat outside. I believe it is a blanket of grace upon Nigeria. Every evening do ‘steam inhalation’. Breathe thru your nose and thru your mouth! The hot air kills the virus on your face, in your mouth, throat and nose. To the hot water you can add mentholatum, ginger roots, mint leaves (or tea bags), lemon grass or ‘dogoyaro’ leaves (the best of all). Any one of these is good. You can also combine them. You do it once a day, every evening before you go to sleep. No virus will be able to survive on your face! It is a simple and not expensive method but very efficient! This is my advice to you as a doctor and mother! God bless you all! It is well!

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