There are times in life when you feel trapped and there is no way ahead! It is a prison like experience. You can’t break the invisible but real iron bars and you cannot climb the oppresing walls. Then you need to pray with faith like never before! God hears the prayers of His children! Especially the desperate prayers of pain energized by faith. You need to receive the grace of a new beginning! Only God can grant that! May this grace be your portion!

This morning start a good new path of life. Pray to Abba Father! He will hear your cries, not matter how feeble! Change your mind set! Reject fear! Desire a holy life! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! That is the eternal powerful success story of all the children of God! Go to the Cross of Christ! Desire to die to the flesh, to refuse its begging deceitful cries and turn to God Almighty! Say NO to the devil! Do not be sorry for the devil! He is your enemy and can never become your friend! Read the Bible and pray daily! Chose to know God the Father, to love and serve Him. That is why Jesus died, to save your soul, that you may live eternally! Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith! Then you shall live!

This is my prayer for you:
May the devil suffer, starve and shrink because of you!
May the Kingdom of God benefit, increase, shine, become richer and stronger because of you!
May God smile over you because of the godly choices you shall make starting from today!
Give God all the glory for this new beginning of grace!
You can do it! In Jesus’ name,

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