I received am inbox note from a brother. He represents many today. You can read my answer. Read and be blessed!
“Greetings Mama; Please help me Ma! Many confusion in the body of Christ today, some claims the devil is behind the Corona virus while others believe is God what is your take? Thank you for your time…”
This is my answer to him:
“My personal opinion is not important. My only opinion is based on the Word of God. The believers and the religious unbelievers will never agree on any subject. It does not matter what the crowd says. You fast three days and pray for personal revelation. Because you are His child, God will talk to you directly and personally. The Word you shall hear will clear all fears and confusion. Remember to thank God for that is all that matters!”

2 comments on “GOD WILL SPEAK TO YOU

  1. Jennifer Schlereth says:

    Thank you for sharing God’s truth.
    Jenny in Virginia

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