This morning I was so blessed!!! Each Saturday morning many brethren come to the house of God to clean the chairs and mop the floors. But with the many restrictions we shut down the church until further notice. This morning I went to the sanctuary to ‘greet’ the Holy Spirit. The drums were silent. The piano and the loudspeakers were covered. No sound at all… Then, to my surprise, I saw two young men cleaning the chairs. I asked them, why did they come? They said that they could not stay at home and they came to do their work for God, even if nobody comes to church tomorrow. They said that they have faith that soon, the worship will start again in the sanctuary. Two young men trying to clean thousands of chairs, moping wide floors… Working silently, not for thank you, just for God… I was touched…
I could have given you their names but that is not important. They represent our hearts! We all want to come back to worship God in the sanctuary. I know that the church is not the building, but we dedicated this building to God and the Holy Spirit has been here since. Because of the situation in town, I don’t know how long these brethren can come.. The future belongs to God! But for today, these two young men, coming as living sacrifices unto God, representing our hearts, please bless them! They are men of faith! For cleaning the sanctuary no evil shall come near them! God bless them, their families and the work of their hearts! They are right! The worship must continue!
(Now you know why I love Nigeria! The Holy Spirit moves upon this land. I can see His mighty fruits. God bless Nigeria!)

Brother Peter

Brother Collins

Buckets at FH

Silent drums

Silent piano

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