Yesterday, during the midweek service, Pastor Tony Kadiri shared this testimony. We met many years ago. By the grace of God I lead him to Christ. I also prayed for him to marry a woman of God. He said Amen! I did not see for many years until he came back again, to his roots. He came now as a married man with their three children. Since then, he and his wife Agatha, have been a great blessing to Tali, me and the Body of Christ. By the grace of God, they are now my assistant pastors! Read and be blessed!

“Before Pastor Tony Kadiri started the Bible study , He gave the testimony below: “Welcome to today’s bible study but before we continue , i would like to share my personal testimony. I first met our pastor , pastor Malia in October of 1988 when I came for treatment in their hospital , Lily clinic ; as you know that hospital was founded by Tali and Malia.
Dr Malia as she was then known preached Christ to me and I was angry and not receptive inside of me because I never wanted to have anything to do with Jesus ; but that ministration of Christ as my Savior kept on playing back in my spirit until I went back to her about March of 1989 and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ . She gave me the first bible I ever owned which I still cherish till date. I worshiped in other ministries until the Lord led me to look for Malia in 2007 for counseling ,18yrs after she led me to Christ . I set out to lily clinic precisely on 2nd July 2007 only to be told they had given up medical practice for full time ministry . I got to the house and original location of lily clinic which I discovered had been converted to the church – Father’s House bible church.
Malia recognized me, prayed with me and invited me to church the following Sunday being the 7th of July 2007. This first service was awesome with the presence of the Holy Spirit and Tali ministering the word . Tali has not only been our pastor for these 13yrs, but a father, teacher, mentor and a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
You can have thousand instructors of the word but not many fathers. Tali and Malia are my ‘Two Fathers in the Word’.
We know Tali is seated in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus and watching over us even as we speak. He never glorified himself but always pointed us to Christ and Him crucified as the foundation of our faith. He fought a good fight of faith, finished his race on this terrestrial realm and now in his permanent abode in the celestial realm with Christ Jesus” To God be the Glory!

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