“Listen to Me…says the Lord… I carried you from your mother’s womb, even from the time of your birth into this world… I will continue to carry you… Even to your old age I am He, and even to your advanced old age I will carry you! I have made you, and I will carry you; Be assured I will carry you, sustain you and I will save you” (Is 46:3, 4)


Dear brethren and beloved children, this is Malia. I am here again to share with you from the strength I receive daily from the Holy Spirit. We shared in the pain; we must now share in God’s Strength. This morning, I was thinking about my life. I am so blessed!!! I can never complain. By the grace of God, your mother will never become a bitter woman, always angry and never sweet. Spiritually and naturally, I can never be a liability to you or to anyone on earth. Why? Because I am a child of God! My life is not my own. God has freely and graciously taken responsibility to carry me to my old age, to my promised destination, which is heaven. The Almighty God is my God forever!


In Hebrew, the word ‘carry’ means to have a burden or to be pregnant. God is telling me (and all the children of God) that He has chosen us in Christ, even before the foundation of the world. We were placed in ‘the womb of the morning’, in the heart of Christ, by God the Father. We were never lost, rejected, or exposed to the world. In Christ, we are always hidden, protected, loved, and covered! Even before we discovered our identity as children of God, we were in Christ, shielded, nurtured, and loved. From eternity we were never rejected. We have always been ‘accepted in the Beloved’. Believe the Word of God! A natural mother may be tired to carry her pregnancy, especially at the end of it. She wants to be ‘delivered’ and be free from the burden of carrying another inside her. After the baby is born, she will carry and ‘back’ the baby. She is happy to do this labor of love. But no matter how loving the mother is, she will become tired of the burden to take care of the baby. Eventually, she will put him down and even if the baby cries, she may ignore him; just to rest a little. But God, is never tired of carrying us. He is never impatient with our cries and requests. God is love! God has promised ‘to carry us’ thru the journey of life, to the expected end. We must ‘make heaven’ because we were ‘conceived’ in heaven. The earth is not our real home. Heaven is! As children of God that is our destination and destiny. A child of God is never forsaken, ‘dropped down’ or ignored by His Father in heaven.


As the Father knows each little sparrow that falls to the ground, so He knows everything about you. God loves you more that you can ever love yourself. God loves your family more than you can ever love them. If you are saved, your children are children of covenant! God will save them, spiritually and naturally. No evil shall prevail against you. No weapon will prosper against you. Because you are in Christ, no man or woman can stand against you, all the days of your lives. He who God carries, is safe and secure forever. Eternal life is eternal life! Nobody can snatch you out of His back, for you and Christ are bound with the cords of everlasting love. Nobody can pluck you out of His hands. This is His promise! Have peace! Salvation is free (not cheap) because Jesus paid it all with His precious Blood. But spiritual growth is not free. Every progress you make in your Christian life has a price to be paid. Be willing to pay that price. Spiritual maturity is a great treasure, useful on earth and rewarded in heaven. You need to study the Word and obey it until you see results. You need to fast and pray. You need to work for God, to worship Him. Do not wait for men to congratulate you. Just do it for Jesus! He will reward you! I promise you! You need to press on to the mark of Christ, to the mature faith. You need to gain this assurance, this confidence, not just of your salvation, but that you have entered the powerful realm of victory. Have the assurance of your salvation. For you, heaven will be more real than Warri. Also, remember that God is Spirit. Miracles should be your bread. Enjoy God!


Both your father in the Lord and I, were not just genuinely saved. We pressed on to make our election and calling sure. We pressed on to find the assurance of our salvation. We sought it and the Holy Spirit gave it to us. That is why we were bold in Christ and in ministry. We were like people who have nothing to lose. Like Tali used to say: ‘head or tail, in Christ, you can only win’. This assurance of salvation is a real gain, a gift given by the Holy Spirit. Tali never doubted his salvation or his place in heaven as his permanent address. I also never doubted his conversion and testimony of salvation, because of the witness of the Holy Spirit and the fruits produced in Tali’s behavior and ministry. These are spiritual realities. These are my treasures I cherish for life! Not many women can say that their husbands are truly saved. But I can say it confidently and joyfully. Glory of God!


Many are called but few are chosen to be ‘carried’ by the Lord. Tali and I, by the grace of God, we are among the few, chosen in Christ, even before the foundation of the world. Both Tali and I are seated (not will be seated) in the heavenly places, in Christ, far above all principalities and powers. Because he is in heaven already, he is more ‘comfortable’ with the seating. But we are both seated in Christ in heavenly places. I believe! This position applies to all the born-again believers. As children of God, truly, we have nothing to fear. Tali and I, we did not fear life, with its challenges, and we did not fear death, for that is the gate to enter heaven. Halleluiah!


I am writing these things because I want you to give glory to God for your parents’ life, I mean their eternal lives. Tali used to tell our children (especially to Jemine): ‘A baby elephant does not need to worry that one day he will be big. His father is big. His mother is big. Therefore, you Jemine, must be big!’ Every anxiety about the future, every inferiority complex must go away in the name of Jesus! In Christ, you are more than conquerors! You are children of covenant. Your names are written in the Lamb’s Book of life! There is no greater honor that that! Glory to God! It is true that I wished Tali lived longer on earth, but God decided to call him home, to his mansion in heaven. He is now walking on the streets of gold. He is now a member of the heavenly choir worshipping the Lamb upon the throne. Tali and King David, his friend, are singing there together. What a story! Tali is among the saints in the cloud of witnesses, cheering us to run the race, strong and faithful to the end. Different brethren call me to say that they have seen Tali happy in glory! With the eyes of faith, I believe Tali sees me and he sees you. He has laid a great foundation for the ministry. We must build on it with only quality materials that can never burn off. We shall use only ‘blocks’ made of silver, gold, and precious stones. That may make us slower in building, but the structure will stand the test of fire, the test of time and the test of eternity. We shall not be in a hurry to use wood or hay to build the ministry. Spiritually, quality is always greater than quantity. From now on, I cannot do my ministry as a wife to your father on earth. But I see that I still have my other gifts and ministries: to be a mother, grandmother, and pastor to many.  This work must continue. God will give me the strength and the wisdom. I want to make you proud! I dedicate my life to glorify God in the work He gave me to do. I still grieve the loss of my husband. But I am not discouraged or in despair. God carries me. That is all that matters. May the name of Jesus Christ shine forth thru my life! May my Christ light shine! Finally, please never forget to give all the glory to God, to thank Him always and for everything. I love you truly! Love in Christ alone, Malia!


(Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh 30-07-2020)

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