“I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word” (Psalm 119:16)

Dear Brethren and beloved children, it is me again, Malia. Every day I try to write down what I sense the Holy Spirit does in my heart, in my life. Since my beloved husband, your father, has gone to be with the Lord, it has been the hardest, most painful time, since I was born. But I do not complain. I have too many reasons to thank God every day. I thank God for my life! His mercies are still new every morning (This may be because I exhausted all the portion of mercy that He gave me yesterday). Every day I read the Bible and pray. I listen to worship music. When Tali was alive I was busy attending to him. I took my ministry as his wife very seriously. Right now, my life is simpler. I learn to enjoy the simplicity of Christ. I discovered that I lost my interest in anything made by man. I do not watch the news, politics, or information from the world. I keep to God’s Word and I pray. That is enough for me. My spirit is getting calmer. My soul benefits from this peace. Thank God! My body receives new strength. This is the truth: I am not worried or afraid for my life or for my future. My life has been and still is a living sacrifice on the altar of God for the worship to continue. I am not a ‘victim’ of circumstances. God forbid! I live in victory purchased for me by The Lord on the Cross. I am not afraid of the devil. The devil should fear me! I am a child of God! I am a woman of God! I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ! He is still my shepherd and I still have no wants. He makes me to lie down in the green pastures of His Word, by the still waters of the Holy Spirit. As He has promised, He continually restores my soul. My mind is at peace. My emotions are under His control. My will is lost in His will.


As you can see, I am blessed and highly favored. The lovely memories my husband and I made over 47 years of marriage, are still my treasure. They are mine, to the end of my life. Our marriage was blessed and so happy. It became a fruitful ministry inspiring many of you. Even in his absence, this ministry will continue and become even stronger. My prayers for you to have successful marriages shall still be answered by God! From what He gave to me over the years, from that well of revelation, the water shall still be wine, for you all. Faith 100%! Doubt 0%!


Since I gave my life to Christ in March 1986, I was never the same person. My vision of life, death, success, and work as a doctor, totally changed. I became in love with the Bible. I was always hungry and thirsty for His Word and for the Holy Spirit. By the grace of God, I never had a season of backsliding. I was never religious before or after my conversion. I am not saying that I became sinless or perfect. Only our Lord was like that as a Man on earth. No! But I was careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit thru unconfessed and unrepentant sin. Once the Holy Spirit pointed a sin to me, even if no man addressed that area, I immediately, joyfully, and gratefully repented. I kept ‘short accounts’ with God. As a sinner, I was like a wild dog who had no master. Now, Jesus was training me to be a domesticated well-behaved dog. He was holding the leash. And the leash was very short. I could never go far away from His presence. I loved to walk with Him, every moment. This is how I changed, from a shy gazelle, to become a lioness, royalty, a daughter of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The change was spiritual, inside my heart and very deep. Little by little it started to produce visible and audible fruits.


God used my husband to prune me, to teach me. He thought me how to stand, speak, dress, and behave as a woman of God. He was very good at ‘packaging’. I had a tendency to be careless with my presentation, but he never allowed me to do that. He insisted that I speak well, and I dress well. We never liked ‘flashy’ clothes or things, but he insisted that I dress and speak as a woman of God, when I am among many people or even talking to one person at a time. His words still ‘talk’ in my head. They are part of who I am. His memory is blessed. His ministry will continue to be fruitful, thru my life, our children and all the people he loved and mentored.  God oversees that! I trust Him!


This morning, I rededicated my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I will never be tired to do that. I promised God that by His grace, I will be a woman of His Word and of His Spirit. The Word of God shall be my food, my water, my medicine, my joy, my comfort, my guide and my strength. I shall be careful to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey every command. May the love for the Word of God increase on my life. May I never forget His Word. May the Word sink deep in my spirit, become ingrafted in me, until I become one with it. One with the Word! That will be my lifestyle, my peace, my joy, and my strength. God will anoint my lips to preach His Word! I invite you, that by the grace of God, you follow me as a I follow Christ. We are in this journey together. We wept together in the darkest night; we must all rejoice as the morning breaks with healing in its wings!


A great man of God said this: “The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to him. By God’s help, I aim to be that man.” (D. L. Moody). He was not very educated. He had some inferiority complex about preaching to educated people. Then God told him to trust Him and to preach the Word with boldness, power, and joy. He did that and God blessed him so much. Like D. L. Moody, I intend to be a woman of God, a servant of Christ, fully consecrated and totally depended on Him. May God bless my life and Richmond Sisan Leigh ministry! May God bless Father’s House Bible Church! May God bless us all! Love in Christ alone, Malia


(Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh/ 28-07-2020)

2 comments on “I DELIGHT IN YOUR WORD!

  1. Mcjeffers Oke Ewiri says:

    May the good Lord bless and sustain you greatly. Amen

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