“We are confident and of good courage, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present, at home with the Lord” (2Cor 5:8)
Our dear children, beloved brethren in Christ, this morning, I want to thank God for who He is and for His presence in my life. My words cannot express how much I appreciate the presence of God the Holy Spirit, dwelling with me and in me. He is my true Comforter and Strength. No man can do what He alone can do. I encourage you to draw closer to God and to be (re) filled with the Holy Spirit. This is the real secret of a successful Christian life.
As you can imagine, since my beloved husband, your dear father, has gone to heaven, I live a different type of life. I must readjust my (natural) priorities, my desires, and my prayers. Things come and go, people come and go, but God never changes. Also, one thing never changes: I am a child of God. I have eternal life! I live to please, serve and glorify the God of my salvation. Thru it all, my love and worship for Jesus must remain faithful, steady, and even increase with each passing day. God will help me as He helps you too.
Over the years, my husband and I discussed our old age and eventual death. Both of us agreed that it is better for me to go first to heaven. We took this revelation from the fact that Abraham buried Sarah and Jacob buried Leah (my name’ sake). We prayed and we had peace about this idea. When God suddenly took my husband to heaven, I was shocked and confused for some time. This is because I never prayed or saw myself as a widow. I know the scripture that says: “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand” (PV 19:21). But I was still shocked at his sudden departure. Now I see that it was God’s purpose to take him to heaven first. According to God, I still have work to do for Him on earth. Later, in God’s time, I will go to heaven too. I am sure of that! Until then, I must strengthen myself to do God’s work. Both the harvest and the reward are great. God shall supply the strength, the wisdom, and the anointing. I trust God 100%! All the glory is His alone!
It is interesting how the Holy Spirit encourages me thru some scriptures I never gave much attention in the past. Paul talks about two tents, two types of clothing or two bodies (2 Cor 5:1-11). There is natural (visible) body and there is spiritual (invisible) body. He says that on earth, your soul lives in a temporary tent, a mortal body which is made from the soil of the earth. He says that for as long as your soul (the real you) lives in your ‘earthen vessel’, in your natural body, though you are born again, you are ‘absent’ from the Lord. That means you have not yet arrived in heaven. In Greek, the word ‘absent’ means to be an immigrant abroad. Your real permanent home is in heaven. On earth, you are like an immigrant. The Bible calls us pilgrims. In heaven, you shall be given a new perfect eternal glorious spiritual body. You will be like Jesus more than ever. This is the revelation of Christ in you, the hope of glory! Our future (heaven included) is surely better than our present situation. But please be careful! This hope and encouragement apply only to the children of God. (If you are not saved, I beg you, make peace with God. Give your life to Christ! That will be the best decision that you will ever make, changing your life and your destiny!)
This is my testimony: my husband took his last breath holding my hand. I was with him in the ambulance going to Oghara Hospital. He was breathing very hard. Then he said: ‘to God be the glory’ and he breathed his last. I was praying in tongues for that was all that was coming from my mouth. I remember that there was no fear in him or in me. With the eyes of faith I saw his soul been set free from the limiting cage of his mortal body. I followed him inside the hospital where the doctors and the nurses tried to resuscitate him. I knew that his soul has gone. As I saw his lifeless body and I said goodbye, the Holy Spirit helped me to have peace with the situation. A week later, his lifeless body was laid to rest with honor and respect in the place where he prepared to be buried. Thank God for the strength and the grace given to our friends and family at our most difficult hour. God will surely bless you.
This morning, by the Word of God, I am encouraged once more to know that my husband is now ‘present with the Lord’. There is no doubt in my mind that he is very happy worshipping Jesus. I see him happy! Therefore, I am happy! He has made it! This is the Word of God: There are only two options: a man can live in his body on earth or with a new spiritual body in heaven, seeing Jesus and worshipping Jesus. There is no third option. Again, I am addressing only those who are born again, saved by the Blood of the Lamb. So, as children of God we have nothing to fear. Do not fear life and do not fear death! Thru the Cross, death and its power, the fear of death, has been totally defeated. Never forget! Heaven is real. Eternal life is real. May the Holy Spirit use these words to strengthen your hearts. We must run the race to the end. There are many troubles in this life, but Christ has overcome the world! We must do the same, in His name! Christ in you is greater than any opposition, spiritual or natural. All the demons from hell can never snatch a soul who found refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ! My eyes have seen the glory ahead. My heart has felt the power of hope and resurrection. Life is stronger than death! Jesus is Lord! May the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit infuse your spiritual veins today. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! God’s work must go on! The worship must continue! Thank you for being with me in the journey of my life. God bless you all! Love in Christ alone, Malia!
(Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh/ 28-07-2020)

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