During the Sunday service Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh led the congregation in reading the Book of Revelation Chapter 1. She exhorted everybody to acknowledge, welcome and worship the King of Glory in our midst! We had opened heavens. John said: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day” (Rev 1:10). This Sunday morning, the Lord’s Day, God granted us to have a glimpse of glory, to see a little of what John saw long ago. By faith, led by the Spirit, we entered the throne room, to the altar of mercy and grace. The word ‘throne’ appears 15 times in Chapters 4 and 5, of the Book of Revelation. The throne of God is the ‘computer’ of the universe. All human affairs are decided there. It is not democracy on earth that decides who will rule and what. It is the Lamb upon the Throne that is the King and the Judge of all. God the Father has handed all judgment concerning human beings to the Man-God Jesus Christ! He is God and He is Man! No other religion has a God like ours! As the Son of Man He suffered like us, was tempted like us, yet without sin! He died for us. God the Father raised Him from the dead to die no more. He has earned the honor that as a Man, to be the Judge of all men. Man will judge men! What a mystery revealed!  Christ is worthy! The word ‘worthy’ comes from the word ‘worth’. It means somebody who has great value, sufficient merit to deserve respect, admiration, effort, attention, and support. That person is of outstanding importance, a true leader! Some say: his value is his weight in gold! Jesus Christ is worthy! Heavens acknowledge this!  Earth must do God’s will and bow before this Jesus!

These days, many pastors reduce the glory of Christ! They talk often about God but less about Jesus Christ. Let us make noise and declare: Christ is worthy! Christ alone is worthy of our worship! No other person is worthy of our worship! Jesus is God! Jesus is not like God, or almost God, but He is God! We are commanded to worship God alone. The angels refuse to receive worship from men! The angels say often: Fear Not! Get up! This is because we have a tendency to fall and worship the angels. But angels are created. Jesus is their Creator! Jesus is the only faithful witness. He never lied. He was tempted like us yet, never sinned. Worship Him! Jesus was the firstborn from the dead. Lazarus experience was resuscitation. Why? Because he died later. But Jesus died, resurrected and will never die again! Think of the outstanding miracle called resurrection! Worship Him! Jesus faced and conquered the thing we fear the most! Death! Jesus will never die again! Victory! Glory! He is the Sovereign Ruler of all kings on the earth! Worship Him! To Him who loved us!!! Christ is worthy!  Worship Him! Your husband, wife, children, friends, they love you! But not like Jesus! He freed us from our sins by His own blood. I was a sinner. I was guilty. I deserved the anger of God and going to hell. I could not save myself. How can God forgive me? By sending His Son, born of a woman, born under the law. He died for me! He became sin for me. He shed His Blood for me! He imputed His righteousness to me. He is my only hope! Christ is my Living Hope of glory! Christ is worthy! Worship Him! He made us kings and priests! Christ is worthy! Worship Him!   Holy! Holy! Holy! GLORY! GLORY! GLORY!    

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