A sister from our church sent me this beautiful testimony about her children. There is a revival in our church that influences all, especially the children. To God be all the glory!

“Good afternoon Malia. How are you today? I praise God Almighty for yesterday’s service, God is awesome, He is the good and Faithful Father! I remember few Sundays ago, you encouraged us parents, to allow our children to praise and worship the Lord in front of the Altar. Our older daughter, generally, at home, would ask her younger sister to escort her to do things in the house, like go to their room if everyone is in the living room, or at church, when going to the restroom or downstairs for praise and worship, she couldn’t go anywhere by herself. I’ve and still learning to pray over every detail of their lives and ours, so I keep telling her that Jesus is& will always be with her, that he died and rose up again for her. There is a song my husband taught them (don’t be afraid of anything, because Jesus lives in your heart), I remind her of the song, that she doesn’t have to be afraid.

To the glory of God Almighty, our Father who answers our secret supplications, yesterday she told me in church, mommy I want to go praise God, then, she started walking downstairs and her younger sister followed…HALLELUJAH to King GRACE!!!! Then after they came back upstairs, she said she wants to use the restroom, she started going by herself. This can only be God. Thank you JesusπŸ™πŸ½.

To God alone be the glory for the lives of these children God has given unto us, everyday, we experience and see changes that makes our hearts gladden and grateful to papa God. I know His Grace is sufficient and his strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. He will continually guide us all into all truth to his glory alone.

God bless you Malia, for your labor of love, your teachings, prayers and the word of God that comes to us through you, God’s eternal peace, joy and Love will surround you always in Jesus name, amen.

We love you.πŸ’•

One comment on “CHILDREN’ REVIVAL

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Beautiful testimony !

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