“Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you endured in a great conflict full of suffering… Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded… You will receive what He has promised!” (Hebrew 10:32-34)

Dear child of God, you are commanded to remember the beginning of your Christian life, when you were persecuted for Christ’ sake. You should remember the time you told your unbelieving family and friends: ‘I gave my life to Christ! I am now a born-again Christian…’ Because of this confession of faith your world as you knew it then mocked you and rejected you. It was very painful. Do you remember it? Can you share with me some of it? The Bible commands you to remember that peculiar pain of the past. The Bible is not commanding you to remember your ‘sweet’ times of success and breakthrough with Jesus. But the Bible tells you to remember the pain of that new beginning when you died to the world and the world died to you. The Holy Spirit uses this holy remembrance to build up your confidence in Christ, to reward you and to bring you to the place where you are able to receive the promises of God! Remember the price you paid for your first Love and you shall receive the answers to your prayers! Remembrance is directly connected to reward and receiving of miracles! Selah!

Let me be more personal… When I married my husband, he was my ‘first love’. Later, after I became saved, Jesus became my FIRST LOVE, and my husband, was my second love. He too did the same. Jesus was his FIRST LOVE and I, his wife, became the second love. Praise the Lord!

As I get older and more mature in Christ, I am able to pray more, to make better choices, to avoid sin faster and to stand stronger for the truth. But there is still this tendency to become proud because of my spiritual accomplishments. Comparing with who I am now with my life as a beginner in Christ, I see that in the past, my life was full of mistakes. And there were a lot of unnecessary tears… There is this temptation to forget from where I started, to ignore my spiritual roots as a baby Christian. But I need to fight this pride by going back to re-visit my first love. This morning I remember how I first fell in love with Jesus Christ, my Lord… I remember and I worship Him!

What is the lesson? From time to time, it is good to remember the way you started this Christian race. Do you remember how for the first time you discovered that behind this natural world there is a complex spiritual realm? Do you remember your ‘sinner’s prayer’? Do you remember the joy when after a lifetime of spiritual blindness and foolishness, your eyes suddenly got open? Please do not forget the anxiety, the desperation that preceded the joy to be called a child of God! Then there was this strange battle over your soul. The devil commanded the forces of his dark kingdom to fight you, to stop your prayers, to block your progress. For a moment you thought that you will fail to stand your ground. But when all outside natural support failed, when friends and family disappointed you and ran away, when darkness pressed you down and arrested you in its chains, when you could not breathe and thought you will surely die, then the light of God broke thru the clouds of despair and love lifted you to the place of victory, to taste of its glory. Do you remember the taste of grace, the fragrance of glory imparted to you, a baby Christian? Darkness does not tempt an unbeliever! Darkness only fights the child of God. Darkness cares not for its own. Darkness is a wicked mother. All her children suffer! All her followers hate the children of light!

This morning, pray that your spiritual eyes may be open. Pray for spiritual sight in the name of a Jesus! The devil will fight this prayer, but he will lose the battle. Darkness can never understand or quench the light of God. Even a little candle wins against a room full of darkness. So, shine your little light wherever you go. Your words, your testimony, will bring life, truth and freedom to all people who come your way. This is indeed your greatest privilege, to be a witness for The Lord, you who are the royal seed of heaven planted in this earth.

Also, remember! God is faithful! From the beginning to the end, God is faithful! From your youth to your old age, God has been with you! The grace of God upon your life is your best possession! This morning, as you remember the beginning of your testimony as a believer in Christ, give thanks to God! Praise the Lord!!!!

Love in Christ alone,


3 comments on “MY TESTIMONY

  1. Mary Sweeney says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post this, Malia! We need to remember our first love, and how grateful we were to just be in the family of God. We wanted everyone to know the Jesus we just met! Also, remembering his faithfulness in so many areas throughout our lives keeps us humble and grateful. After I read your blog this morning, I started reflecting on his goodness and faithfulness to me my entire life.
    Praying all is well there. I hope your kids are surviving our heat wave here. I live just north of Houston.

    • Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

      Oh, In Christ life is so much simpler. We rejoice together! The Love of Christ is from everlasting to everlasting! That is why is so special! As I am getting older, I do not feel older, I feel eternal! By spirit rises and passes thru the clouds. My liver smiles… No limitations… Love is bold and as strong as death! The time for the rainbow is here…

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