The child of God… his path (is) blazed by God, he’s happy. If he stumbles, he’s not down for long; (for) God has a grip on his hand.

                                                                                       -Psalm 37:23, 24; TM

We are building our new sanctuary. Most of the work is done with the willing volunteers from the church. They are lovingly called ‘the men of valor’. The women in the church have decided to cook daily for the workers. This holy project is on for about two years. Every day one of the women cooks for about 50 men. This is not a small job. The men like ‘heavy’ food. Here, in Nigeria, it is called ‘eba ’and it is made from cassava flour mixed with hot water. It becomes strong like a ball. It is eaten with different soups.

Sister Ufuoma was the one who cooked yesterday. Her name in the native language means ‘Peace’. This is the Testimony of Peace to the glory of God! Ufuoma is a godly wife, a wonderful mother of two and heavily pregnant. She also goes to the College of Education, intending to be a teacher. Yesterday, at lunch time, she came with the food to the site. She stopped the car close to the building. She went behind, opened the boot (trunk) of the car and brought down the heavy coolers with the hot food. Then she went back to the wheel, and, by mistake, she reversed the car. The car tires crushed the coolers, and all the food was wasted on the ground. The workers shouted ‘stop, stop’ but, somehow, she did not hear. When she saw what happened, she cried (of course). Then, she did what a woman of God should do. With tears on her face, she entered the car and drove back to the market, bought the meat and all the stuff, went home, and cooked again. Before the brethren closed for the day, at about 6 pm, to the shouts of ‘Jesus!!!’, sister Ufuoma was back to the site, with new coolers, hot food, and all!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Clearly, this labor was not easy. She had every reason to just cry, apologize to the brethren, then go home and sleep. But she could not ‘declare defeat’. God gave her the grace and the strength to redeem the time and make the best out of a hopeless situation. She obeyed the command to conquer evil with good. She could do all things thru Christ who truly strengthened her! By now, you realize that I am very proud of my spiritual daughters. To God be all the glory!  

(This testimony happened in 2013 when we were building our sanctuary; see picture bellow)

In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God! If I stumble, I do not fall, for God’s mighty hand grips me! I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me! My testimony of an overcomer is sure! Praise the Lord!

In Jesus’ name


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