This is a letter from a sister in Christ who lives somewhere in Southern Africa. She is my Facebook friend. She is a single mother of three. She is a cancer survivor. She is a committed Christian. She works full time as an accountant. Her desire is to be a charity worker in Africa. She has trained her children in the ways of the Lord. They all pray and fast. God has been keeping them. This testimony is a reminder that God is faithful. He supplies all that we need and the He listens to the prayers of His children. This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of many. If you have any word of encouragement, she shall read it. Thank you all!

“Hello My Sister
I should say it has been long since we last communicated. How are you and family? A lot has been happening and I have been so busy with a lot of things though I am always thankful for the daily posts and testimonies you always post on Facebook. Be blessed my sister!

I will update you about the family first. The children are all fine. My first son A… is doing fine, he has finished his degree in Finance and Accounting. The economy is bad. A lot of companies are closing down so it has not been easy for him. However he has since been taken on temporary basis at a company called… where he is working in the finance department. I want to give Glory to God for that job because at least he is being exposed to working environment. I was also happy when the temporary job came along because my children would not sleep praying and they would go on all night prayers and absolute fasts that they have both lost so much weight. B…, my second daughter, excelled in her ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels academics. For Advanced level, she had Mathematics A, Accounting A and Business Studies A in all she attained 15 points so she has finished her high school now. She was supposed to start her degree in Accounting in August, but the Big God we serve opened a better door for her. She was taken by an Audit firm called…. It is one of the big four Audit firms in the world, so she will be studying Articles so that one day she becomes a Chartered Accountant and at the same time she is gaining some work experience.

I have always told the children that if you trust in God He will never put you to shame. My sister the children are leaning on God and they believe with God on their side even the sky will not be the limit. I want my children to keep on praying in good or bad times, God is our only salvation. So basically my house has been a house of prayer.

C my last son is also growing into a very big boy and he is improving so much in his academics. He still has to understand though why we pray so much at home but very soon he will understand. He is now in grade 5.

I still have my dream and passion of becoming a charity worker. I want to travel around Africa and the world. I wish I could just be located by someone or an organization that could use me in that area of being a charity worker. I will be the happiest person on Earth, it will be a dream come true. I also want to cry tears of joy one day. Though I have to say I no longer want to relocate from my country, I do not want to leave my home. I would prefer something that would just take me away for a few weeks or a month and come back to my home with my heart filled with joy just fulfilling my dream. One day I was watching TV and there was this team from England in Kenya, they had assisted in that area to have tap water and they were giving out food packs to the poor people and talking to them. And I said God I want to be part of such teams and I will be happy. I want to be led because I have discovered that I am not much of a front person but I don’t mind working hard. My health, God has been faithful, I have always declared that cancer is not my portion and it will never be part of me again.

Please remember to pray for me. I am much happier now. But I still need your counsel and prayers. Love from me to you,



There are many reasons why I love Nigeria, my adopted country. One of it is this: the soil and the weather is so good for the plants. These are pictures from my garden in Warri Nigeria. People may grumble because of economic hardship but my flowers bloom without any troubles. Their leaves are not less green because the Naira is falling. The birds and the butterflies zoom around them with no fear that the price of fuel will increase. God who created these beautiful things just to make us happy is the same God who will take care of us. Fear not! Jehovah Jireh is in charge!





“Then she came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, help me”…Then Jesus answered and said to her, “O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed from that very hour” (Mt 15:25, 28)


This is the story of a simple woman; a mother who deeply loved Jesus and her child. She has no name but she is remembered by all for her actions give glory to God. Her daughter was very sick. She was demon possessed; ‘mad’, as we say today. This woman is a Gentile, a Canaanite. She belongs to the enemies of God. You may ask: what good can come from such a woman? What lessons does she have to teach me? The Lord surprises us again, as His light shines in the darkness and His mercy speaks on behalf of this needy sinner.


This woman is asking for ‘help’. What is ‘help’? Help is receiving something from another who is stronger and richer than you. By receiving this gift of help, your life becomes easier. At least one of your burdens is gone. Think of it this way: If you have five problems and miraculously, God solves one for you – that is called help. But if you have five problems and you ask for five solutions in the same time, you are not asking for help. You are praying amiss. That is the prayer of a lazy, greedy man. You need wisdom when praying for help from God!


Another thing: The reason why God helps you and makes your life easier is so that now you have more time, more strength and more resources to better praise, worship and serve Him!!! God does not give you help for selfish reasons, to indulge your flesh. Your motives must be right with God. Help from the Hill of grace must lead you to serve the Lord of the hill. Never forget! The aim of help is to praise and give glory to God!


Let’s go back to the story… Jesus left Israel and went to the area of Sidon. This is pagan territory. Not many knew Him over there. But this woman, somehow, she heard of Him, that He is the Savior, Lord, Healer and Helper of the Jews, her enemies. She made up her mind to look for help among them who hate her. For the sake of her sick child, she will crawl under the table of God’s promises, looking for the discarded crumbs of grace. Even if she be called a dog, that is not a problem. In her mind she thought: Dogs too can go to heaven. This is called great faith! This is miracle working faith! Are you surprised? It is said that the brightest jewels are found in the darkest caves.


She called Him “Lord, the Son of David” (King David was the one who looks to the hills for help). Her daughter’s torment pushes her to the Desire of all Nations, the Hope of glory!  She knew that the help she needs, no ordinary man could give. Her faith brought her to the feet of Jesus. But the Help did not come immediately. There were hindrances down the road. But this mother knew that Jesus is the end of that road of seeking help. With great humility and faith she bowed at His feet and simply prayed: “Lord, Help me!” Some of the greatest prayers are very short. Just three words… But the work of the Holy Spirit in that heart was deep and glorious. The Lord simplifies our lives by His wisdom and grace. She pleads not merit, but depends upon God’s mercy alone.


This story teaches that there is love in Christ’s heart even when He ‘rejects’ us. This woman had great faith. This is written to encourage us. Though Jesus looks ‘harsh’ at the beginning He still answered her prayers. Let’s say with Job: “Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him; I will surely defend my ways to His face” (Job 13:15). This woman had great faith because she was truly humble. She passed the test of greatness. ‘Humility comes before honor’ (PV 18:12). Those whom Christ intends to greatly honor and promote in life, He humbles them, first of all, that they may not depend on themselves for success. He who breaks them is He who heals them with ‘benefits’. This is the testimony of all the saints down the ages. Those who seek help from the Lord, and receive no immediate answer; they learn to turn even their weakness and discouragements into pleas for mercy! Then help comes from above!


Child of God, disappointment is not the end of your story. May all your rejections form men, may all your unspoken hurts and deepest pains lead you to the Helper! Lift up your eyes to the Hills of mercy and grace!  The Helper is coming to you! Praise Him as you wait for His arrival! Prepare the way for the Lord! Open the door of your heart as the King of glory enters in! What a glory He sheds on your way… “His love has no limits, His grace has no measure, His power has no boundaries known unto man… For out of His infinite riches in Jesus, He giveth, He giveth, and giveth again’! Glory to God!




“MY MOST DEAR AND LOVING HUSBAND, I cannot express my love to you, as I desire, in these poor, lifeless lines. But I do heartily wish you did see my heart, how true and faithful it is to you, and how much I do desire to be always with you. I want to enjoy the sweet comfort of your presence and those helps from you in spiritual and temporal duties, which I am so unfit to perform without you. It makes me to see my need of you and wish myself to be with you. But most of all I desire that we may be guided by God in all our ways. He alone is able to direct us for the best, and so, I will wait upon Him with patience, which is all-sufficient for me. In your absence I pray for you, for us, for the children…I miss you dearly…

I have many reasons to make me love you, whereof I will name two: first because you love God, and secondly because that you love me. How blessed I am… If these two things were missing all the rest will mean nothing to me. But I must now leave this discourse and go back to my household duties. I am a bad housewife if, in your absence, I neglect our home and the children. But I feel I must borrow a little time to talk with you, my sweet heart. It will be two or three weeks before I see you. It seems so long to me… Soon, God will bring us back together in His good time, for which time I shall pray…

Farewell my good Husband; the Lord keep thee!
Your obedient wife,
I am your Margret”

(This is a letter written by Margaret Winthrop, wife of John Winthrop, 1591- 1647. You see her in the picture. Dear wives, does this letter resemble the way you love or talk to your husband?)



“I took one step, than I took another one
This is where I stood!
It felt good!
I was soaked with living waters
I drank untl I was satifed
So I lifed my hands and cried, “Jesus be glorifed!”
Then I thought, why not climb higher…
I straightened my back
Thinking within myself, “surely this must be a place of no lack?”
I felt good!
But my foot slipped, and the steps became a slippery slope
Cutting all hope
I let go and slid down with breath taking speed
So here I am, at the botom all batered and bruised
I heard a voice say, “stand up!”
So I stood as one newly restored
Everything that once was I simply ignored
Contently, I looked down;
My feet were standing on level ground!”
(A poem by my friend Veronica Kuyinu)



A sister in Christ shared with me this testimony. God indeed saved her life! To God alone be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!
This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of satan and for the encouragement of the brethren!

“Dear Malia,
It couldn’t have been done by anyone else or for any other reason than my great God and for his love and mercy that has no end. The story could have been different but He made sure it ended His own way. You see, this God that I serve is awesome and mighty beyond description. A true saviour and redeemer. Dependable and mighty, able and faithful. I had been trusting God for so many things at the same time and this very particular miracle wasn’t even on the list, but He did it anyway because He is God.

This same day 4 years ago, I woke up and prayed and proceeded to drop my daughter off at school. She had only resumed a few days before. I picked up a sister and her baby after dropping her off and we went to a few shops around GRA, Benin to get some things. I dropped the sister and I decided to go back home as I suddenly developed a headache. As soon as I got into the car I locked the doors and was about to back into the road when suddenly, a young man walked to my door and was trying to get into the car. He pulled at the handle and I looked at him with my crazy eyes like ‘you dey crase or something? ‘ . Hmmm, the guy quietly pulled a gun out of a plastic bag and showed it to me. At that moment I just froze. I gently opened the door and he ordered me to the back seat. He followed me in and some other guy gets in the drivers seat and starts driving. I was confused, horrified and broken. He quickly dispossessed me of the cash, phones and jewellery I had on.

I begged, I begged like I had never begged in my life. ‘please just take the car and let me go, I have a little child at school ‘, I pleaded. The guy kept threatening to kill me if I don’t stop. They demanded for a 20million ransom before I will be released. 20 million ke. I laughed small sha in the midst of the tears, I just couldn’t help it. I told them it wasn’t possible because I didn’t even have a tenth of that. I begged and cried my eyes out. We drove through the major roads in Benin undetected and my hopes of being let go dwindled gradually.

We hit the expressway leading to the East and apparently, their get away ride didnt show up( the plan was to ditch the car at the bypass and continue in another car). So we continued the ‘journey’ in my mum’s car. They stopped to pick two more gang members and my imagination went mad. I wept, I wept for myself, my baby who wasn’t even 2 yet, I wept for my mother and my husband. I wondered who was wicked enough to plan such evil against me. And then I remembered to pray, as in really pray. So I began to pray o. Psalms 121 plus 91 plus 23 all mixed up. And I said in my heart, ‘God it is all up to You, do as You will. I am Yours and everyone knows I am Yours. Defend Your name.’ then I wiped my tears and watched as we went on.

Suddenly, we saw a highway patrol vehicle ahead of us. Immediately the driver saw them, he turned the car around, heading back towards Benin. The guy with the gun started arguing with him and they kept bickering at each other. I noticed the car was travelling at almost 160km, haaa I panicked and took permission to use my seat belt. Before I could even strap up, we heard a loud noise and the car lost control and veered off the highway and into the bush between the going and coming lanes. I began to scream, ‘JESUS! JESUS!! JESUS!!!’ (in my mind I was thinking, haba only me? Kidnapping and accident same day?). As soon as the car stopped, like action film all of them disappeared into the bush. Ha, me? All alone? In this bush? Naaaa. So I ran the opposite way to the express and flagged down cars, screaming for help. I got into one of the cars, a bus travelling to Lagos and I joined the passengers in front.

As soon as I got in the bus I started screaming, ‘thank You Holy Spirit,thank You Holy Spirit’, ohhh I wept, I was overwhelmed. I explained to the driver and passengers and I got a phone from them and called my husband. I couldn’t explain well enough so I handed the phone to the driver to explain better. I got off at an army checkpoint along the bypass and explained to the kind officers who drove me back to the accident scene. My husband had joined us at this point. We got down and saw some policemen towing out the car and we told them what happened( that was when I discovered that it was one of the tyres that bursted and led to the accident). They were shocked at my story. We went to the nearby police station and I couldn’t even write my statement because I was still shaking and weeping.We went back to Benin to report at the headquarters and some officers accompanied us back to the village police station.

When we got there, the officer in charge was angry at us as he had been trying to reach us on the phone but hubby’s battery had ran out. He said the vigilante group in the community had brought in two suspects and that I needed to identify them. Haaa, see me o. I finally went in after plenty fear and I saw a young man tied on the floor, I didn’t know him so I told the police so. The officer shouted at him and he immediately admitted. Ahh, that’s when I saw him well as the one who was driving. Kai, I broke down in tears, I asked him ‘why? What did I do to you?who sent you? ‘. Then they brought the second guy. I recognised him immediately. He was the one that pointed the gun at me and was sitting next to me in the car. They brought out the items found in their possession and it was all mine. Wow. This great God.

When we got back to the headquarters a few hours later with the kidnappers, it was like a party or something. People were rejoicing with us and asking so many questions. For me, I was just thankful. The Lord had delivered me and defended His name. I slept well that night. Yes I did. The devil had planned for me to have slept in the forest or a swamp or creek that night, but God’s mercy said NO. Three days later another gang member was arrested and after a few months, yet another was arrested.

Hmmm, it has been 4 years but it feels so new. Things changed, my life changed forever. I get paranoid, sometimes I’m scared, but I’m not broken, I’m strong in Jesus Name. God gave me another chance. He gave me a testimony that never gets old. He gave me a new song. He delivered me, He saved me. I know He saved me. Sometimes, I imagine what could have been if not for God who showed up for me. Hmmm, let’s not even go there. Thank you JESUS. Please all join me as I hail MY HELPER, MY KING- THE GOD OF AWESOME WONDERS!! JESUS IS LORD!!!”


I was glad when they said unto me: Let us go to the house of the Lord! This is my testimony: After more than three months since I broke my left ankle, this is the first Sunday that I could walk to the altar to minister without having a crutch or a cane to support myself. I was encouraging the congregation to praise the Lord!
The command to praise God appears more than 250 times in the Bible! God is omnipresent but He indwells, He inhabits the praises of His people (Ps 22:3). In Hebrew, the word ‘inhabit’ means that God sits like a judge or like a king on His throne. Praise expresses itself thru singing, shouting, dancing, clapping or lifting up of hands. But praise is more than these. Praising God is a spiritual sacrifice! You praise God until you have an encounter with Him. When you praise, you expect to meet with the Living God! You cannot praise God in public more than you do in private. Put on a CD of Praise in your house, in your office, in your car. Train your ears to listen to songs of praise. Praising God is good!
When you praise God well, He will fight your battles and He will bless you with royal gifts. When the Praise goes up, the blessings come down. Because of who God is, you cannot praise God too much; only too little. Somebody said: ‘Praise is an open door to an occupied throne!’ When you praise God with all your heart, a door shall be open and you shall meet the King of Kings. No one who praises God well shall be disappointed! Let your faith increase! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!