“The LORD of Hosts has sworn: “As I have planned, so will it be; as I have purposed, so will it stand” (Is 14:24)
This is a wonderful testimony from a sister who started attending our church with her husband and children (Father’s House Bible Church) earlier this year. She received a prophetic word 9 years ago (in 2009) to go to a church called Father’s House. This is interesting because at that time we were still in the old building on Deco road. It means that God always wanted us to move to this present house. Of course, God knows the end from the beginning. I edited the testimony to protect the identity of some people and churches. This testimony is to the glory of God and for the encouragement of the brethren!
“Dear ma Leigh!!!!
Greetings to you, to my new father in the Lord (Tali) and to God almighty that love me beyond all measure!!!! For more than 9 years now, I disobeyed God or refuse to bid his will that was directly spoken to me. Not thru a prophet but to me directly in a dream. I have been attending ….. church for as long as I can remember. One day after a wonderful praise service,. Almighty God being my witness told me in a dream, “go to father house where women don’t suffer”. As at then, I was single and have never heard of father’s house. He gave me a picture of a wonderful auditorium with glass windows or walls and fully air conditioned in Enerhen Junction. Or may be enerhen road but I ignored…
I never even gave it a second tut until like 7 or more years down the line. I met one of your members that usual come for home service to make my hair. We’ve have been in that business relationship for a year or so before somehow she mentioned Father’s house in one of our conversation and immediately I remembered my dream and I describe the church I saw in my dream to her, she laughed and said that that is exactly the Church. Yet, I did not bulged. But for more than two or three years now the Holy Spirit has been pushing me to leave my church… because I was no longer growing. As if I was stocked. I was like a child that was not growing any more and was really, really frustrated. At first it was great, the church grew my faith and truly liberated me but I am tired of the prosperity and the things I shd and can gain on earth here. I want to make Heaven. I want to sleep even today and arrive home. I no longer care if I make 40, 50 or 100 years on earth. I just want to be sure if I sleep and don’t wake up, I will be home.
So three years or so later, which is early this year 2018, I was telling my kids lesson’s teacher that I am thinking of moving to …. church that my soul and spirit crave for more, crave for Holiness. Crave for fellowship. Not using God as a means to meet a need but really want God for God. She laughed and said “why don’t you try Father’s House?”. She said: ‘my church is ok, the bishop is a man of God but.. the politics down at the branches’ level is too much……. hmmmm!!!!. She also said that she too wants to go to Father’s House but she is worker in her church… and it is not easy to resign her position… Wow!!!!! Father’s house again??? This time from someone that is high there in that ….church?
The fear of God gripped my heart! So I came!!!! Mama!!!!! I came!!!! I came to my father’s house!!!! I came to just try and see but then the worship!!! The praise!!! For a place I have never being all my life, yet I felt at home. I wept like a baby in the service and have been reading my bible more than I have ever read it all my life. Bought Kenneth E Haggins books and anything to grow me. Revelations start coming. As in God will leave all He is doing. Leave the whole of His majesty and get to be a man on earth to pass messages to me!!!! To me!!!! Who is me????
Yes, there were times I had doubts, most especially, when Daddy will be talking about other churches and men of God who preach wrong doctrines. I will be vexed in my spirit bc I feel it is wrong. Not bc what they did or say may not be wrong but bc they are human and men of God and not God of men. They are prone to errors and their errors should not be magnified but we should draw from their strength. We are all body of Christ, different members and with each one of us, there are weaknesses. As I consider the truth, as I read the Word of God, I feel discouraged sometimes that I have wasted too much time with empty religion… But I pressed on, reminding Myself that it is not too late to be saved and praying to God that I am here to fulfill a prophecy.
And today, when I watched the script of the Biblical places you and daddy have visited and I begin to relate it with the Bible… for the first time the Bible become an history book of real people that live and died. My eyes are open to see that there is a Real Christ, real Holy Spirit and a real God and Father. The Rhema hits me!!!!. God is real!!! God is alive!!! I thank God!
Father’s House is an oasis in the desert for us. I experience revival like never before. The same thing with my husband and children…I am humbled… and grateful… For this I say thank you. I ain’t saying this to please you. Believe me I am not seeking for cheap favor. I am a bank manager, my husband a senior … staff. We have being worshiping with Father’s house since May this year. I have never approached you or daddy. I am well known by the … And other members. I only want to honor you in the presence of God! Spiritual fruit is evident now. I have never be more peaceful, I have never be more prayerful and have never had peace with my husband and my marriage as I have seen this year and I am so! So!! So!!!! Sure of his salvation bc if he keeps hearing what he is hearing, and worshipping and praising as he is now doing in my Father’s House he will be a mature man of God! Thank God the Word came to pass: I have really entered into ‘my Father’s House where women don’t suffer’.
Thank you and daddy for answering the call! God richly bless and affect your family just like Father’s House has impacted us in Christ name. Amen!”



“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1Thess 5:18)
This morning, our senior daughter Alina wrote some good, wise, encouraging words on her wall. I am a proud mother. I share her words with you so that you too are encouraged and blessed!
“Recently I was faced with a disappointment. I was not allowed to board a flight to Nigeria to attend a close friend’s marriage because my passport expires in less than six months. I was upset after making all preparations for this trip. But the truth is that God shuts some doors or prevents somethings in our lives for a reason. I have learned to embrace disappointments, failures and let down because everything works for our good. God intentionally allowed it. Embrace your set backs! Happy Wednesday FB. I am happy and satisfied…💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Alina 2


“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them–yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me” (1Cor 15:10)

Recently I remembered a 20 years old story about our youngest daughter, Jemine. She is the only one of our children who was born in Nigeria. She grew up in Warri, Nigeria. She loves Nigerian food, Nigerian jokes and Nigerian Pidging English. She now lives with her husband and two sons in Houston, Tx. She was 15 when, as a family, we went to the U.S. We stayed there for a year and a half, not knowing at that time what the future will bring. During that time the Holy Spirit commanded us to go back to Warri and start a church called Father’s House. We obeyed. But God’s call was not easy. We left our daughters (Alina and Jemine) behind and alone… My husband and I wept as we went back to Nigeria. Our church was born with tears but now we rejoice at the great harvest of joy…

Jemine did her last year of high school in Houston, Tx. She had to adjust to a new culture, new class-mates, new teachers and a new English accent. Knowing that her father and I will soon go back to Nigeria, and my time with Jemine was so short (you know, mother feelings…), I cherished every day as her mother… so much more than in the past. Each day as I prepared lunch, I thank God for the privilege to cook for my child… I wanted to go to Nigeria with a free heart… I knew that ministry over there will demand all my energy… So for now, I could be just a wife and a mother…Because my feelings were so sensitive and alert, that is why I remember so clearly these things, little details from that period…

One day Jemine came from school looking sad. She said: ‘Malia, I want to change my name…’ I asked her ‘why?’… She said ‘Malia, in teh whole school, I am the only one with this name, Jemine… I don’t like it…I feel lonely…’ Some girls laughed at me today… many others cannot pronounce it… many forget my name… some others call me ‘Jem’ and they add ‘bread and jam’… She looked so sad… With pain in my heart I asked her: ‘What name do you want to have?’ she said: ‘Maybe Heather or Jessica…’ Why, I asked… she said ‘because there are three Heathers and two Jessicas in my class…’ (If you are reading this letter and your name is Heather or Jessica, I am sorry. These are nice names too…) Jemine said to me that if she has the same name like them, she will not be lonely, she will not be so different… She will feel that she belongs to America…

I quickly prayed in my spirit for the right words to say. Slowly, lovingly and patiently (Oh, mother’s work is not easy…) I tried to explain to my 15 years daughter the beauty and the power of being herself. I told her that God created her unique and special. She does not have to be like anybody. She does not have to join the choir when she can be the soloist… I told her that together we shall pray for her to discover her true identity, not as an American, or as a Nigerian, or as a Romanian, but as a child of God!!! I told her that the grace of God is upon her. The unmerited favor of the Almighty God will reveal to her who she truly is. The Holy Spirit will open her eyes to see how God, her Creator, sees her. She does not have to change anything about her looks, the type of hair she has, the color of her skin or the size of her hips…She does not have to be ‘white, black, mixed or anything…She just have to be herself! I said: ‘Jemine, I love you! Me, your mother for life I say that you are very beautiful, kind, intelligent and wonderful and that I love you!!!! Hide these words in your heart! Never throw them away. I love you, daughter…’

I told her: a new, fancy, more American acceptable name, will not help her find peace with herself and others. Only God is able to give her true confidence and security. I told her that this identity is found in Christ alone. Money cannot buy it, men cannot give it and thieves cannot steal it. I said: ‘Now say: ‘My name is Jemine. I am a child of God!’ Say it daily! Say it often! Say it loudly! Say it when I am in Nigeria and you are here alone! Say it until you believe it!’

To the glory of God, she listened well. She relaxed and accepted the word. The grace of God upon her produced spiritual fruits! She is now a woman of God, a worship leader, a happy wife to Matthew and a wonderful mother to Oliver Sisan Oakes (yes, Sisan is a Nigerian name, my husband’s middle name) and baby Emory David Oakes. She has a good job and she is a blessing to many! Glory to God!!!

Dear Reader, take Jemine’s struggles with identity as a point of contact for yourself. Pray and ask God to reveal to you, who are you? Why are you born in this world? Why are you still alive? What is your identity and destiny as decreed by God? It does not matter what people say, especially if they say negative words! What is important is God’s opinion about you! That is the truth! God created you and knows you the best! God never makes mistakes! God loves you! Accept that! May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you!

(in the picture, Jemine and me on her wedding day)



“Then the governor believed, when he saw what had been done, being astonished at the teaching of the Lord” (Ac 13:12)
The governor of Cyprus called Paul because he wanted to hear the Word of God (Ac 13:1-12). This desire is good but it is not enough to save a man. Paul and Barnabas came to preach the Gospel to the him. But there was a hindrance, an agent of the devil blocking the way of the servants of God. There was man there, a false prophet called Bar-Jesus or Elymas. He was the Governor’s friend and religious adviser. He was also a wizard! Yes! A worker skilled in using the powers of darkness was on the government’s payroll!
Lesson: God uses people to bless us and the devil uses his agents to block our blessings! To be blessed is not easy! You must fight for that ‘title’! The devil has his agents around the ‘big men’, politicians, famous entertainers and wealthy business men. The devil’s agents are their ‘body-guards’. In case you did not know, foolish fame must be ‘protected’. The devil has his own plans for each unbeliever, how to stop that one to hear the Word of God and so to be saved. You must know the truth before you can be set free!
Elymas, the sorcerer, opposed the servants of God. Paul confronted him saying that ‘he perverted the right ways of the Lord’. This is the truth: God’s ways are straight and full of light. Christianity is simple. The way of the Cross is simple: become one with Jesus! Follow Jesus! But men with occult power confuse the unbelievers by making simple ways become crooked. In this way Christianity becomes confusing! Religion is always complicated! To pray sounds difficult. When coming to God, their minds wander into different directions and true worship becomes impossible. You must fight for your soul! You must do warfare before you witness to the unbelievers! You must ‘clear the ground’ with the cutlass before planting the seeds!
Apostle Paul ‘looked intently’ at this agent of the devil!. Child of God, you must do the same! When you worship God, you may close your eyes. But when you do warfare, open your eyes ‘well-well’! pray that your eyes become spiritual ‘X-ray eyes’. I pray that you see the true enemy, hiding behind the cover of fake smiles, cheap greetings, fashionable clothes and glittering gold. Never admire rich unbelievers! I pray that you have to courage to stand for Jesus in the presence of ‘big men’. I pray that you are bold! Move forward and defeat that liar who is deceiving the ‘big man’ you minister to.
Paul fought and defeated his own ‘Goliath’. The wicked Elymas became blind and impotent for a season. This is God’s judgement and warning to a spiritual criminal. God is also merciful. Elymas could have died but God gave him another chance to repent of his wicked ways. It is a dangerous thing to resist a true servant of God sent on an errand for the work of the Kingdom. It is extremely dangerous to fight God! You can never win that fight!
Please note that this is the first miracle that Apostle Paul does as a man of God. It is not a miracle of making money! It is a miracle of victory in spiritual warfare!! Lesson: first of all, to experience breakthrough and freedom, you must confront the devil who tries to block your way! Don’t beg the devil! Don’t be sorry for the devil! Taking the whole armor of God, resist him until he runs away from you! The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church, or against a servant of God! The devil ‘holding the padlock’ must run away before the gate opens for you! You are praying for healing, for a life partner, for a baby or for finances! That is good! But these things do not always come easy. You need to engage the spiritual enemy in battle! Enter and occupy new territories for the kingdom. That work is highly rewarded by the Captain of our salvation. In case you have forgotten, all soldiers of Christ are healthy, wealthy, happy, wise and strong. Their benefits are great beyond words! Give glory our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the only Living God! Shout Hallelujah! Glory to God!
SLL 25

MEMORY LANE..(November 2014)

Building our sanctuary, Father’s Hose Bible Church, Effurun…
Four years ago, me and some brethren took pictures at the site… we were painting the church, laying tiles on the floors and working very hard.. (not me really… I was there to encourage them… the wonderful brethren, men and women ‘of valor’ as we called them…)… This is a little reminder that it is so sweet to serve God! “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” (Ps 133:1)

FH 7-5

FH 7-6

FH 7-7

Fh 7-8


“When you run you will not stumble…but the way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble” (PV 4:12,19)
Great lessons from the battle between David and Goliath:
• If you look at the giant, you will stumble!
• If you look at Jesus, the giant will stumble!

May the giant of fear, of confusion, of religion, of sickness, of bareness, of division, of divorce, of waste… may he stumble and fall and die, in the name of Jesus!

In Christ I declare:
I am not afraid of the battle; for God is with me! I look above my trial and my pain… higher than the hills of waiting… I look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith! The obstacle shall fall! The pain shall fail! The slander shall become a blessing and the debt shall become a ministry of helps! I am more than an over-comer! In Jesus’ name, Amen!